Awards & Recognition

From major accreditations and certifications to national awards, Nicklaus Children's Hospital’s team of nurses are frequently recognized for their achievements in the nursing profession.

From major accreditations and certifications to national awards, Nicklaus Children's Hospital’s team of nurses are frequently recognized for their achievements in the nursing profession.

2020-21 Daisy Award Winners

Each month, the DAISY Foundation provides an award for excellence in nursing to nurses at 237 different hospitals across the United States. Nurses who are recognized as DAISY award winners must demonstrate excellence through compassionate care, clinical expertise and extraordinary service. Nurses should possess a positive attitude, excellent interpersonal skills, empathy in all situations, a patient-centered approach and the ability to collaborate well with all members of the health care team.

Nurses can be nominated for a DAISY award by physicians, employees, visitors or patients.

January 2020: Megan Johnson, RN

February 2020: Lisette Vega, RN

March 2020: Leslie Brannon, RN

April 2020: Azizi Jones, RN

May 2020: Janessa Correa, RN

June 2020: Lazaro Moreu, RN

August 2020: Melissa Coizeau, ASN, RN

September 2020: Anja Glassner, RN

October 2020: Krystal Tapia, RN

November 2020: Leslie Duffie, RN

December 2020: Ashley Carmenante, RN

January 2021: Jasmine Reyes, BSN, RN

March 2021: Kyatannah Thelusma, BSN, RN

April 2021: Barbara Guerrero, BSN, RN

May 2021: Addison Dunlop, RN

June 2021: Dennis Rejas Cabrera, RN

July 2021: Anja Glassner, BSN, RN, CPN

August 2021: Andrea Negrini, MSN, RN, CPN

September 2021: Kirian Caballero, MSN, PNP-BC, ECLS, CPN, CCRN

2020-21 Nursing Recognition Highlights

Deborah Hill-Rodriguez accepted into AONL Fellowship

November 2021

Congratulations to Deborah Hill-Rodriguez, MSN, MBA-HMA, APRN, NE-BC, for being accepted into the AONL’s 2022 Fellowship class! Deborah, Director of Medical Surgical Services and the Humpty Dumpty Falls Prevention Program ™ was commended for possessing the experience, attributes, and skills that will make her a valuable member of the 2022 Fellowship class and an able successor to future nursing leadership positions.

Nicklaus Children's Cardiac Nurses Participate in Multicenter Study

April 2021

The Nicklaus Children's Hospital cardiac nursing team was honored to participate in this multicenter study with 26 other pediatric and cardiac intensive care units. The results of this study demonstrated that delirium is under-recognized in pediatric cardiac patients, and many Centers do not routinely screen for delirium. However, pediatric delirium has been associated with increased length of mechanical  ventilation, hospital costs, and even mortality, and it is therefore important to recognize delirium in order to improve patient outcomes.

Dr. Sarik Selected to Join as a Member of the Institute of Pediatric Nursing

July 2021

Congratulations to Dr. Danielle Sarik on been selected to join the Institute of Pediatric Nursing  (IPN) as a Member. The IPN Committee selects nursing experts who have demonstrated success in the child health policy, advocacy, and community health arena. In her new role, Dr. Sarik will be supporting the IPN's mission and vision as well as advocating on behalf of our pediatric nurses and patients.

Nurses Awarded at the 11th Annual FNA South Region Symposium and Awards Ceremony

June 2021

Congratulations to the Nicklaus Children's Hospital nurses recognized for nursing excellence at the 11th Annual South Region Florida Nurses Association Award Ceremony and Symposium.

Nurse inducted into the MDC Alumni Hall of Fame

June 2021

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to Nurse Manager Sheila Coakley who will be inducted into the Miami Dade College Alumni Hall of Fame. Sheila is an inspiring leader who has managed the Dialysis Unit at Nicklaus Children’s through the pandemic. Under her leadership, the team demonstrated an unwavering dedication to children while ensuring safety