About Us

Nicklaus Children's Hospital is a leading provider of healthcare services for medically needy children.

Nicklaus Children's Hospital is a leading provider of healthcare services for medically needy children.


Vision: To be where the children are.

Mission: To inspire hope and promote lifelong health by providing the best care to every child.

Values: Collaboration. Responsibility. Empowerment. Advocacy. Transformation. Empathy.

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We are a passionate team using the most advanced methods to care for children and support their families.

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We raise funds and awareness for Miami Children's Health System to bring lifelong health, hope, and happiness to children and their families.

Health Ventures

We build innovative partnerships, products and services that enhance the lives of our customers.

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We are an outstanding group of physicians bringing lifelong health and hope to children and families through innovative, compassionate care.

Leadership & Board of Directors

Nicklaus Children's Health System –
2017 Board of Directors

  • Mr. Mario Murgado, Chairman
  • Phillip T. George, MD
  • M. Narendra Kini, MD, Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Michael Fux, Vice Chairman
  • Mr. Juan Carlos Mas
  • Mr. Timothy Birkenstock, Treasurer and Secretary
  • April Andrews-Singh, Esq., General Counsel
  • Ms. Barbara Nicklaus
  • Mr. Fernando Perez-Hickman
  • Ravneet Chowdhury, Esq.
  • Mr. Alex Soto

Nicklaus Children's Hospital –
2017 Board of Directors

  • Mr. Alex Soto, Chairman
  • Mr. Jaret L. Davis, Esq., Vice Chairman
  • Jefry Biehler, MD, Secretary
  • Ravneet Chowdhury, Esq.
  • Maria Franco, MD
  • Mr. Jorge Gonzalez
  • Mr. Gary Gregory
  • Mr. Michael Harrington
  • M. Narendra Kini, MD
  • Marcelo Laufer, MD
  • Jodi Laurence, Esq.
  • Mr. Juan Carlos Mas
  • Mr. Jay Massirman
  • Mr. Steven McKean
  • Judge Federico A. Moreno
  • Mr. Mario Murgado
  • Mr. Joseph Nader
  • Phillip Newcomm, MD
  • Mr. Keith Ward

Nicklaus Children's Hospital Foundation –
2017 Board of Directors

  • Ravneet Chowdhury, Esq., Chair
  • Ricky Patel, Esq., Vice Chair
  • Mr. Timothy Birkenstock, Interim President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Ms. Marlene Santos, Treasurer
  • Mr. David Martin, Secretary
  • Mr. Jaret L. Davis, Esq.
  • José “Pepe” Dans
  • Mr. Pablo Cejas
  • Ms. Vivian Andrea Shanley
  • Mr. Drew Kern
  • Steven Kerr, PhD
  • Mr. Peter Lopez
  • Ms. Andria Miyares, Assistant Secretary
  • Mr. Alex Soto
  • Ex-officio:
  • M. Narendra Kini, MD, Chief Executive Officer
  • In memoriam:
  • Ms. Florence Groover Frank
  • Ambassador David M. Walters

Miami Children’s Health System and Nicklaus Children’s Hospital –
2017 Senior Leadership Team

  • M. Narendra Kini, MD
  • Mr. Michael Harrington
  • April Andrews-Singh, Esq.
  • Jefry Biehler, MD, Chair Department of Pediatrics
  • Mr. Timothy Birkenstock, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
  • Leonard Feld, MD, Pediatric Specialists of America President
  • Ms. Jackie Gonzalez, DNP, ARNP, Senior Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer and Patient Safety Officer
  • Ms. Nancy Humbert, Executive Vice President, Ambulatory Services and External Affiliations
  • Mr. Michael Kushner, Senior Vice President, Chief Talent Officer
  • Mr. Ed Martinez, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer
  • Marcos Mestre, MD, President, Medical Executive Committee
  • Mr. Michael Davis, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Business Development and Innovation
  • Jose Perdomo, Esq., Senior Vice President, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Privacy Officer

Pediatric Specialists of America (PSA) –
2017 Board of Directors

  • Marcos Mestre, MD, Acting Chair and Vice Chair
  • Leonard Feld, MD, President
  • Mr. Timothy Birkenstock, Treasurer
  • Andre Susla, Esq., Corporate Secretary and Deputy General Counsel
  • George R. Lesmes, PhD, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director
  • M. Narendra Kini, MD
  • Mr. Alex Soto, Chairman of the Board of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital
  • Michelle Blumstein, MD
  • Sandeep Davé, MD
  • Robert Hannan, MD
  • Alisa Muñiz Crim, MD
  • Chad Perlyn, MD
  • José Rosa-Olivares, MD

Pediatric Specialists of America (PSA) –
2017 Section Chiefs

  • Saima Aftab, MD
  • Nolan Altman, MD
  • Marisa Azaret, PsyD
  • Aramys Barzaga, MD
  • Redmond Burke, MD
  • Metee Comkornruecha, MD
  • Sandeep Davé, MD
  • Maria Antonella Denaro, MD
  • Luis Gonzalez-Mendoza, MD
  • Vivian Hernandez-Trujillo, MD
  • Parul Jayakar, MD
  • Brandon Korman, PsyD, PhD
  • Marcos Mestre, MD
  • Alisa Muñiz Crim, MD
  • Chad Perlyn, MD
  • Amanda Porro, MD
  • John Ragheb, MD
  • Felix Ramirez-Seijas, MD
  • Otto Ramos, MD
  • Rosie Roldan, DMD, MD
  • José Rosa-Olivares, MD
  • Anthony Rossi, MD
  • Harry Shufflebarger, MD
  • Michael Tidwell, MD

2017 Medical Executive Committee

  • Marcelo Laufer, MD, President
  • Moises Simpser, MD, Vice-President
  • Julio Egusquiza, MD
  • Sarah Legorburu-Selem, MD
  • Rigoberto Nuñez, MD
  • Efren Salinero, MD
  • Luis Gonzalez-Mendoza, MD
  • Ruben Gonzalez-Vallina, MD
  • L. Santiago Medina, MD
  • Jose Rosa-Olivares, MD
  • Anselmo Cepero-Akselrad, MD
  • Ziad Khatib, MD
  • Alex B. Koetzle, MD
  • Leopoldo Malvezzi, MD
  • Deise Granado-Villar, MD, Chief Academic Officer
  • Jefry Biehler, MD, Medical Director of Quality
  • Ex Officio:
  • Mr. Michael Harrington, President of the Hospital
  • Ms. Jackie Gonzalez, DNP, ARNP, Chief Nursing Officer

2017 Department Directors

  • Marcelo Laufer, MD, President of Medical Staff
  • Moises Simpser, MD, Vice President of Medical Staff
  • Jefry Biehler, MD, FIU Chair of Pediatrics
  • Rani S. Gereige, MD, Director of Medical Education
  • Beatriz Cunill-De Sautu, MD, Director of Pediatric Residency Program
  • Mayra Capote, MD, President of Alumni Association
  • Keith Meyer, MD, Director of Lifeflight Services & ECMO
  • Andrea Maggioni, MD, Director of Global Health
  • Amanda Porro, MD, Director of Pediatric Care Center
  • Jose Rosa-Olivares, MD, Director of Urgent Care Centers
  • Sanjiv Bhatia, MD, Director of Operating Room
  • Rosie Roldan, DMD, MD, Director of Dental Clinic & Ped Dentistry Residency Program
  • Prasanna Jayakar, PhD, Director of Brain Institute
  • Leonard Feld, MD, President of Pediatric Specialists of America
  • Jacques Orces, DO, Chief Medical Information Officer
  • Ruben Gonzalez-Vallina, MD, Director of Community GI Initiatives

2017 Department Chiefs and Division Directors

Anesthesiology Department:
Christopher Tirotta, MD, Chief
Dentistry Department:
Gabriela Rolland-Asensi, DDS, Chief
Neonatal General Surgery Department:
Fuad Alkhoury, MD, Chief
Neurology Department:
Roberto Tuchman, MD, Chief
Clinical Psychology Division:
Marisa Azaret, PsyD, Director
Orthopedic Surgery Department:
Michael Tidwell, MD, Chief
Pathology Department:
Steven J. Melnick, PhD, MD, Chief
Pediatric Medicine Department:
William Muiños, MD, Chief
Adolescent Medicine Division:
Metee Comkornruecha, MD, Director
Allergy & Immunology Division:
Vivian Hernandez-Trujillo, MD, Director
Cardiology Division:
John F. Rhodes, Jr., MD, Director
Cardiac Critical Care Division:
Anthony Rossi, MD, Director
Clinical Genetics & Metabolism Division:
Parul Jayakar, MD, Director
Critical Care Medicine Division:
Bala Totapally, MD, Director
Dermatology Division:
Ana Margarita Duarte, MD, Director
Emergency Medicine Division:
Maria Antonella Denaro, MD, Director
Endocrinology Division:
Luis Gonzalez-Mendoza, MD, Director
Gastroenterology Division:
William Muiños, MD, Director
Hematology/Oncology Division:
Enrique Escalón, MD, Director
Hospitalist Services Division:
Marcos Mestre, MD, Director
Infectious Diseases Division:
Otto Ramos, MD, Director
Neonatology Division:
Magaly Diaz-Barbosa, MD, Director
Nephrology Division:
Anselmo Cepero-Akselrad, MD, Director
Pulmonology Division:
Antonio Rodriguez, MD, Director
Rheumatology Division:
Rafael Rivas-Chacon, MD, Director
Pediatric Surgery Department:
Cathy Anne Burnweit, MD, Chief
Psychiatry Department:
Americo Padilla, MD, Chief
Radiology Department:
Nolan Altman, MD, Chief
Surgery Department:
Sanjiv Bhatia, MD, Chief
Cardiovascular Surgery Division:
Redmond Burke, MD, Director
Neurosurgery Division:
John Ragheb, MD, Director
Ophthalmology Division:
Roberto Warman, MD, Director
Otolaryngology Division:
Gastón de Cardenas, MD, Director
Plastic Surgery Division:
S. Anthony Wolfe, MD, Director
Urologic Surgery Division:
Rafael Gosalbez, MD, Director