Nicklaus Children's Hospital is a leading provider of healthcare services for medically needy children.

Nicklaus Children's Hospital is a leading provider of healthcare services for medically needy children.

Dear Friend,

2017 was another remarkable year for Nicklaus Children's Health System. We forged new national collaborations to expand service offerings and innovation. We weathered an intense storm season, providing relief for families requiring medical care during and in the aftermath of major hurricanes. And we unified our organization under a new health system name, while continuing to expand our footprint in the region through our growing ambulatory network.

It's all part of our commitment to be where the children are and to provide hope and a brighter tomorrow for children everywhere. 

From a branding perspective, 2017 was a watershed year. Miami Children's Health System became Nicklaus Children's Health System, aligning all entities under the Nicklaus name to enhance brand cohesion.

Another 2017 milestone, we joined together with Boston-based Brigham and Women's hospital to create our Fetal Care Center, offering hope and a supportive network for families expecting an infant with complex medical needs.

And thanks to a $7 million donation from philanthropist Denny Sanford and Sanford Health, the Nicklaus Children's Personalized Medicine Initiative came to life, enabling us to develop precision care plans for children based on underlying genetic diagnoses.

We also continued to expand our ambulatory network, adding a new urgent care center and Sports Health Center in the Village of Pinecrest to our network of centers, with two additional centers slated to open the following year.

I hope you will take a moment to review this, our first web-based annual report. In addition to stories about new developments and achievements of the year gone by, it also captures video success stories, one for each month of the year. 

The great work celebrated in this report would not be possible without the collaboration of our physicians, and clinical and support staff. Together we are creating a brighter future for the region's children. For Health. For life.


M. Narendra Kini, MD, MHA
Chief Executive Officer
Nicklaus Children’s Health System

Alex Soto
Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

Mario Murgado
Nicklaus Children’s Health System